Paris…what to say about this city?! There seems to be an understanding that it´s the capital of art, fashion, gastronomy and culture…and France. Well, the latter of course is not really a discussion.  We, personally, have mixed feelings towards this city, for a reason we may reveal in another blogpost at some time in the future (Spoiler: it includes a different photo shoot, at a different time, a drone and a dungeon-like Paris prison). We still appreciate Paris for all that it is. Take a non-touristy stroll with our dear friend and day-one supporter of Stay Hungry, Laurent. He was in the mood for putting our gear on the scene during his trip to Paris. So thanks to him we have a nice glimpse into how our gear looks in urban Paris. See our 2020  Stay Hungry fall winter collection.

So lean back and allow yourself to quick travel and see our latest pieces alive in a nice sunny autumn-like day in Paris.


All photos by Tancréde Mallet  – Shop the shown pieces here!